Position Paper by Nordic Research and Technology Organisations

The Nordic Research and Technology Organisations (RTOs) represented by GTS, Denmark, VTT, Finland, SINTEF, Norway and RISE Sweden have launched a joint initiative with a long-term aim of offering Nordic companies access to a portfolio of advanced test facilities (testbeds) and expert knowhow across the Nordic countries.

The objective of this project funded by Nordic Innovation has been to explore, gather knowledge and prepare the ground for establishing sustainable cross-border networks and collaboration between Nordic testbeds.

The project identifies fertile ground for intensifying collaboration among Nordic testbeds and argues for the possibility of establishing the Nordic region as a globally leading region for transformative research and innovation.  Effective access to state-of-the-art testbeds plays an important part toward this end and has become a key element in 21st century innovation ecosystems. However, collaboration across borders is currently limited due to a range of bottlenecks and barriers.

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Feasibility study

Through a feasibility study the project identifies a range of organisational models for cross-border collaboration between Nordic testbeds ranging from informal to legal collaboration.

A range of important barriers are also identified. Furthermore, eleven targeted recommendations are formulated. and targeted at both national and Nordic political decision makers. Finally, a recommendation for implementing a series of “Nordic Testbed Days” to catalyze continued dialogue, awareness-raising, matchmaking and dissemination is proposed.

The Nordic countries have leading national RTOs representing a combined staff of more than 11 000 highly-skilled researchers and engineers, managing a wide range of testbeds and technology infrastructures.

By intensifying dialogue between the Nordic RTOs and by identifying and analyzing the framework conditions for increasing Nordic collaboration between testbeds the project delivers important added Nordic value. The project argues that piloting projects are needed and that opportunities for cross border collaboration between testbeds can be identified within Digital Economy, Circular- and Bioeconomy and Smart Health.

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