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Danish Technological Institute (DTI)
Gregersensvej 1
DK- 2630 Taastrup
Tel.: (+45) 7220 2000
E-mail: info@dti.dk

With its many employees, Danish Technological Institute is one of the world’s largest private institutes to supply technological services such as consultancy, tests, certification and training for companies and public-sector organisations. The Institute employs experts under the auspices of the seven divisions that define the main parameters for their work: AgroTech, Building and Construction, Energy and Climate, Environmental Technology, DMRI, Materials, Production and Innovation.

Furthermore Danish Technological Institute contains an International Centre.

The Institute adopts an interdisciplinary approach to innovation and to the task of improving the ability in particular of small and medium-sized companies to exploit new technologies and management tools. Customer activities account for the majority of the institute’s turnover.

Key figures 2020 for Danish Technological Institute

  • Turnover, million EUR: 147
  • Danish commercial turnover, million EUR: 106
  • R&D activities, million EUR: 58
  • Performance contracts, million EUR: 16
  • Employees: 980