Contact DHI

Agern Allé 11
DK-2970 Hørsholm
Tel.: (+45) 45 16 92 00
E-mail: dhi@dhigroup.com

DHI’s objectives are to build competence and promote technological development in areas relevant to water and environment. Emphasis is placed on the development and dissemination of knowledge and technologies regarding ecology and environmental chemistry, water resources, hydraulic structures and hydrodynamics and related areas. The institute was established on January 1st 2000 as a merger between Danish Hydraulic Institute and VKI – Institute for the Water Environment, established in 1964 and 1972, respectively.

Key figures 2020 for DHI

  • Turnover, million EUR: 110,2
  • Danish commercial turnover, million EUR: 24,9
  • R&D activities, million EUR: 12,5
  • Performance contracts, million EUR: 5
  • Employees: 990