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Alexandra Institute Ltd.
Åbogade 34
8200 Århus N
Tel.: +457027 7012
Fax: +457027 7013

Rued Langgaards Vej 7
2300 Copenhagen S
Tel.: 7027 7091
Fax: 7027 7096

Key figures 2016 for Alexandra Institute

  • Turnover, million EUR: 9
  • Danish commercial turnover, million EUR: 7.9
  • R&D activities, million EUR: 4.6
  • Performance contracts, million EUR: 2.4
  • Employees: 83

The Alexandra Institute is a privately owned, non-profit company that works with applied IT research, development and innovation with the aim of creating growth and welfare within Danish society. We develop state-of-the-art, innovative IT solutions with our collaborators and customers. We do this by merging commercial relevance, the latest IT research, technology and user involvement. We are located close to the universities and work in a multidisciplinary environment with highly qualified specialists and international capabilities.

Innovation requires expertise from a broad range of disciplines. Our employees possess highly competent skills within method selection, user involvement, innovation, design, technology selection, hardware and IT development. Thus, we have the specialists required to perform IT innovation.

We provide knowledge, development and IT consultancy services to both public and private companies as well as conduct collaborative projects based on the latest research results from the fields of information technology, user-driven innovation and business development.

The Alexandra Institute expertises

  • Mobile solutions
  • User involvement
  • Innovative business development and evaluation
  • Interactive design
  • Advanced computer graphics
  • IT-based infrastructure
  • Positioning
  • IT-security and privacy
  • Software systems

Examples of The Alexandra Institute projects and cases

  • Smart City
. We assist municipalities, government and businesses to exploit the potential of Smart Cities. We provide our knowledge to cities around the world with focus on developing sustainable and business-oriented solutions that are attractive to both the customer, the citizen and society.
  • Mobile access to health data. 
In collaboration with the company Systematic we have developed a prototype that provides mobile access to health data.
  • Development of business models. 
The Mobile business Model Framework has been developed in collaboration with the development house Apptitude. The Mobile business Model Framework is a tool for developing digital and mobile business models.
  • Interaction in Horsens
. Together with the Municipality of Horsens we have created an interactive urban installation. By means of sounds, light and interaction the installation calls for a different kind of varying stay as well as calls for social encounters between citizens.
  • Energy and sustainability. On the basis of information about user behavior, we collaborate with companies such as Grundfos with business development within the energy industry.
  • Secure dropbox.
 We have developed an extension to dropbox, which illustrates how to encrypt data in a simple manner and share them securely across multiple devices such as smartphones and computers.
 We have created an open source platform that makes it attractive and uncomplicated for companies to develop applications for the marked of telemedicine, where equipment can play together via open source solutions that possess international standards.
  • d60 technological boost. We have assisted the company d60 to analyze patterns in the enormous amount of data that customers’ behavior leaves online. At this point, the company can offer customers exactly what they require, which has created a product to be sold. The company is growing, while their customers grow as well.
  • Brainreader case. The company Brainreader is one of the Danish companies in 2012 to develop and enhance its product in collaboration with the Alexandra Institute. By means of the Alexandra Institute’s recently developed competencies within massive data it became possible for Brainreader to optimize the speed of uploading a 3D image of a patient’s brain from one hour to 16 seconds for the early diagnosis of patients with suspected Alzheimer’s.
  • Hasle Bakker Interactive
. In cooperation with Hasle Bakker Interactive we have designed a new learning concept for outdoor education, which is based in a generic mobile platform. It enables location-based activities and integrates narratives in its curriculum – which all is controlled by a mobile phone.
  • The mobile phone as a remote control. 
In collaboration with developers from B&O we have created mobile media experiences to a luxury vehicle, where features such as light, sound, curtains, pictures and posture are controlled through an app on the mobile phone.