The GTS activities

The GTS institutes offer an extremely rich resource of activities tailored to Danish businesses. This section summarises the most important of these, as well as the various means and possibilities for working together.

R&D tasks

Here the GTS institutes work to solve a concrete R&D task for a particular business. The aim is to strengthen the overall technological and knowledge content of the services and processes offered.

Collaborative and partnership R&D projects

Here the GTS institutes collaborate with each other, with businesses and with universities, both within Denmark and internationally. Activities in this category can include both public-sector institutions and private citizens, focusing on the development of new knowledge and methods.

Technological partnerships

The GTS institutes partner businesses up with Danish and international technology experts capable of solving complex concrete challenges in connection with R&D activities.

Innovation Network Denmark

The GTS institutes are strongly represented in Innovation Network Denmark. They are active players in all but one of the 22 innovation networks in the system. The innovation networks bring together Danish businesses, universities and the GTS institutes within academic and scientific areas of importance to Danish businesses.

Business-oriented education and training courses

The GTS institutes are among the largest education, training and course providers in Denmark. Six thousand customers purchased courses from the GTS institutes in 2017, with more than 32,000 course participants joining the very extensive range of course offerings. The institutes prioritise meeting the market’s needs and requirements, with education and training closely connected to the overall GTS objective of ensuring widespread, yet in-depth knowledge transfer to Danish businesses.

Technology assessments and innovation maturity

The GTS institutes help to bring technology and technological platforms home, often in close cooperation with companies and universities. The technologies are then further developed to reach a higher level of innovation maturity. This in turn makes them accessible to Danish businesses as they develop new products and services.

Innovation check-ups for businesses with innovation potential

The GTS institutes’ Innovation Agents scheme deploys experts in a range of technologies who proactively offer innovation check-ups to SMEs at no charge. Check-ups evaluate a company’s development and innovation potential, develop an action plan, and provide suggestions for potential partners, such as private advisers.

Organisational, strategic and leadership development

Many businesses need help with optimising and streamlining their production and processes. The GTS institutes advise businesses on any and all operational and development aspects.

Inspection and control

Several of the GTS institutes offer independent inspections that can be performed, including regular fire inspections, inspection and control of production facilities and equipment. In addition the institutes carry out multiple statutory and voluntary checks.

Measurement and calibration

Thanks to their status as primary reference laboratories, several of the GTS institutes are able to provide businesses with traceable measurements and accredited calibration within many fields.

Certification and testing

Products and ideas can be thoroughly tested prior to product development, as well as for documentation and marketing purposes.


Businesses receive assistance in implementing and complying with the latest standards. In addition, the GTS institutes participate in several international standardisation entities and committees.

Cooperation with public institutions

The GTS institutes work to address a broad cross-section of challenges for public-sector institutions and for the Danish authorities. They act as a knowledge hub in relation to governmental tasks, including advisory services on environmental adaptation and climate change.

More information

If you want more information please contact one of the institutes.