The turnover of the GTS institutes falls into five categories: consultancy services; testing and calibration; education, training and courses; product sales; and commercial R&D.

These categories vary greatly in scale and complexity. Cooperation can include everything from small-scale testing to major innovation tasks. There have been only minor fluctuations in the distribution of these five types of service category over the past five years.

Some of these services categories are derived from performance contract activities that have evolved over a longer period into concrete business-related services. Others are purely commercial and not supported by performance contract activities.

The majority of customer purchases are in the categories of advisory and consultancy services, and testing and calibration.

Advisory and consultancy services (data from 2017)

39 per cent of the commercial turnover of the GTS institutes from Danish businesses was derived from advisory and consultancy services. These services involve the development of technologies and innovation methods in collaboration with businesses, and they are typically initiated when a business requires critical feedback and discussion on product development or production methods.

Testing and calibration

Testing and calibration services formed 41 per cent of GTS service sales to Danish business customers in 2017. This is the largest category of services supplied by the institutes to Danish businesses, and they generally take their point of departure directly in the institutes’ extensive technological infrastructure as well as their standardised services.

Education, training and courses

The GTS institutes are among Denmark’s largest education, training and course providers. Training amounted to 12 per cent of the institutes’ sales to Danish business customers in 2017. A wide variety of courses are offered, including both short refresher courses and longer training courses.

Product sales

Product sales amounted to 5 per cent of the GTS institutes’ Danish commercial turnover in 2017.

Commercial R&D

Commercial R&D from the GTS institutes amounted to 3 per cent of the institutes’ Danish commercial turnover in 2017. This level has been consistent over the past five years. Here the service purchased is an R&D collaboration intended to address a specific challenge defined by the business. Intellectual property rights (IPR) are transferred to the company in services of this type.

Photo: DTI