Objectives and Values

Objectives and Values

The mission of the GTS institutes is to convert knowledge to value. We accomplish this by working in the borderline territory between business, science, education and authorities.

Our objectives

  • GTS – Advanced Technology Group aims to be the world’s most efficient network of research and technology organisations, setting the standard for the technological infrastructure of other regions.
  • We aim to position ourselves among the international knowledge elite, and within designated cutting-edge competences, each GTS institute has to rank among the top three in the world.
  • The GTS institutes aim to develop new, innovative products and services, satisfying the requirements of the business sector and society, and to ensure awareness of new strategically important technologies.
  • GTS – Advanced Technology Group aims to maintain and develop the role of the GTS institutes as the core of the technological infrastructure in Denmark.

Our values

GTS – Advanced Technology Group is characterised by 5 core values that are observed in the daily co-operation with customers and partners:

  • Customer-oriented
    The GTS institutes are close to the customers and base the services on their requirements. We combine advanced knowledge with practical experience and speak in a language the customers understand. We work for public authorities and private companies of any size.
  • Independent
    The GTS institutes are private institutions, independent of political and financial interests. We use this independence in our co-operation with national and international authorities and other partners to provide efficient services and consultancy to our customers.
  • Future-oriented
    Together, the GTS institutes offer a unique technological broadness, which qualifies us to accommodate the multi-sectoral technological solutions of the future.
  • Research-based
    The GTS institutes advise the customers on the basis of international knowledge and research. We develop and maintain strong innovation environments and capital-intensive facilities for the benefit of our customers. We implement research and development projects – frequently on the basis of international networks, bringing new partners together.
  • Beneficial to society
    The GTS institutes are not-for-profit institutions and constitute the core of the Danish technological infrastructure. Surplus earnings are invested exclusively in research, development and innovation.