International Evaluation

From 2008 to 2009 an international evaluation of the Danish GTS system was made – an evaluation which the Danish Government had placed an order for. The evaluation was conducted by an international panel of experts under the management of chairman, professor at KTH Stockholm, Sverker Sörlin.

On the basis of the evaluation report several sub analyses have been elaborated: a report concerning the mapping of the Danish knowledge system, an international comparison, a catalogue concerning future technological focus areas of the GTS system, a review of possible technological foresights and a user survey of the GTS system.

All the reports can be downloaded below.

A Step Beyond: International Evaluation of the GTS Institute System in Denmark

The evaluation report authored by the international panel examines the characteristics of the GTS system, its position in the Danish knowledge system and its international positioning. Opportunities and challenges are identified.
The panel gives its recommendations on five areas:

  1. GTS’ role and activities
  2. Internationalisation
  3. Strengthened R&D knowledge foundation
  4. GTS’ role in the knowledge system
  5. Organisation and management

Mapping of the Danish knowledge system with focus on the role and function of the GTS net

By Damvad

The report focuses on GTS and its role in regard to the universities and private councillors.

International Comparison of Five Institute Systems

By Technopolis

As a part of the international evaluation, an international comparison of five institute systems has been carried out. The institute systems are IRECO (Sweden), Sintef (Norway), TNO (Holland), Frauenhofer (Germany) and GTS (Denmark). The report compares business concepts, management and governance, finance and government funding, knowledge dissemination and international activities. In addition, each of the five systems is described in separate appendixes.

GTS 2015 Catalogue of technological focus areas

During the evaluation process, the GTS system was asked to compose a catalogue of the technological focus areas which they believed would be agenda setting in 2015. The catalogue identifies 15 central focus areas of great importance to the Danish society. Furthermore the GTS 2015 Catalogue was fundamental in the development of the DTU/Risø report (see below). Additionally, the material has been adapted as background information for the webpage Bedre Innovation (in Danish).

Report: Review of Science and Technology Foresights and comparison with GTS 2015

By DTU/Risø

The report examines the latest years of Danish and international technological foresights and evaluates the GTS 2015 catalogue in the light of the reports mentioned above.

User survey of the GTS net

This report is a quantitative survey of the users of the GTS system. The survey covers Danish business communities’ use and knowledge of the Danish GTS system. The report is only available in Danish.