Technology that works – Accelerating technology adaption in companies

The Danish GTS institutes are Research and Technology Organisations (RTO) that plays an active role in the Danish effort to support and create innovation in industry and society. The GTS institutes work within a broad range of technology fields, provide different services, and are all not-for-profit organisations. The GTS institutes sell their services on commercial terms in Denmark and abroad.

Our core role is to give companies in Denmark access to a comprehensive technological infrastructure of laboratories, apparatus, testing facilities and human competencies. We cooperate with companies the whole way through the innovation process irrespective of whether this is about research cooperation, technology consulting, development of products and processes or whether it is about testing and documentation.

Our many international activities ensure that we can follow the technological development outside of Denmark and bring relevant technology back to Danish Industry.

A part of the GTS institutes activities are financed by the Danish Agency of Science, Technology and Innovation under the Ministry of Higher Education and Science. We operate on the basis of specific performance contracts that require the institutes to undertake applied research project, and develop new technological services aimed at Danish businesses.

Every year we have up to 20.000 Danish customers and 10.000 international customers while we also participate in more than 750 Danish and international research and development partnerships.

With the basis in our technological insight, our knowledge of the market and the companies’ trust in our competencies, we move companies towards competitive products and processes. This is our contribution to strengthening Danish competitiveness – and to creating growth and workplaces.

In summery we offer

• Technological infrastructure – We have a comprehensive technological infrastructure of laboratories, apparatus and professional competencies across the GTS Institutes. This is the cornerstone of our work in moving companies forward in their innovation process.
• Cooperation on innovation and development – We are part of the innovation and development interaction with companies on a commercial basis. Here, we develop, test and adapt technologies to the company’s needs. Or we are part of extensive and long-term cooperation on, e.g. quality assurance and control. We also offer pilot production of new high-technology areas, which make the jump from prototype to production possible.
• Specialist services – Our experts make it easier for companies to develop, test and certify products. These types of specialist services are part of the development process or an element in being able to fulfil current requirements from customers or authorities.
• New research-based knowledge and technology – We build bridges between research and the market with focus on knowledge in utilisation. Therefore, together with companies and universities we participate in applied research activities with public co-financing. For example, this applies to performance contracts for The Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation, Innovation Fund Denmark or EU projects. The activities ensure our research base and knowledge of what is happening locally and abroad.
• We bring technology to Denmark and open the door to international markets – Our many international activities make it possible to offer new services for companies in Denmark. At the same time, we take Danish companies with us into international markets.
• We stimulate companies’ desire for innovation – We stand behind “Innovation Agents” where we offer small and medium-sized companies an innovation check-up, just as we play a key role in the nationwide innovation network. Both elements push companies’ desire to innovate and their ability to get started.

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