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We are the Danish Research and Technology Organisations

The seven Danish government-approved Research and Technology Organisation (RTO) the GTS institutes play a key role in the Danish innovation system as the link between technology and business. They seek to make new technological methods applicable to businesses and promote businesses uptake of new technology.

For many businesses, keeping up with accelerating technological development and implementing new technologies in products and processes can be a major challenge. Investing in new technologies can be both expensive and uncertain an uncertainty that is particularly difficult for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to handle.

GTS have a key role to play particularly for SMEs in the Danish innovation system

The GTS institutes therefore have a key role to play particularly for SMEs in the Danish innovation system, because they can ensure better and more efficient use of new research and technology by Danish businesses. In so doing they increase and promote innovation, productivity, and growth in Danish society.

RTO in most European countries

Most European countries have similar systems in place to the GTS institutes. Counterparts include Fraunhofer in Germany, TNO in the Netherlands and RISE in Sweden. Thus the GTS institutes form part of a European tradition whereby technology institutes act as a bridge between research and business.

In the European context, these systems are designated research and technology organisations (RTOs). A large proportion of European RTOs are, like the Danish GTS institutes, members of EARTO (the European Association of Research and Technology Organisations).

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Performance statement by the Danish GTS institutes

This performance statement offers an introduction to the GTS institutes and their key role within the innovation system, as well as an insight into the work of the institutes and their performance over the past five years. Key statistics and case studies illustrate in concrete terms how the GTS institutes work in collaboration with Danish businesses. Read it here

GTS competencies were the launching pad for a new company

“A certificate from FORCE Technology adds credibility to the quality of our products. So access to FORCE Technology’s pool of knowledge and competencies boosts our ability to sell our products on export markets, including Mexico”, says Frederik Juul Eilersen, Eilersen Electric’s General Manager.

Frederik Juul Eilersen reports that customers are increasingly demanding fast delivery. This means that proximity to the FORCE Technology test facilities is of vital importance.

“FORCE Technology’s investment in new facilities that will enable testing and certification in Denmark in future is extremely important to us. Without this investment, this knowhow would disappear from Denmark. That would make it hard for us to maintain a high level of flexibility towards our customers”, says Juul Eilersen.

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